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USCIS Outrageous Fee Increase

You have all likely seen some mention of an outrageous proposed fee increase by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS).  Essentially what they are proposing for fees are:  raising the search fee 269% from $65 to $240 and the cost of the actual file 481% from $65 to $385.

If you had relatives who immigrated to the United States in the 20th century, USCIS is the place to order the above records.

USCIS has provided an opportunity for the genealogical community to comment on this proposed Rule that dramatically impacts the USCIS Genealogy Records Program.  In coordination with the leadership of other organizations in our community, we want to encourage our members to make their voices heard and express your concern with this outrageous proposal.

The Records Preservation and Access Committee (RPAC) is sending in a letter outlining some of our objections. Your help is needed! If you are interested in having your society sign-on, please send your societies’ name, city and state with number of members in your organization before December 22 to the NGS Executive Director Matt Menashes at  

If you would like to read the proposed rule,  see:

The Genealogy section is Section N which starts on page 62315-62316.

See Section 103.40 for Genealogical Research Requests on page 62359.

The Washington Post had an article on the proposed fee increases last Thursday which may be read at: .  

Additional background may also be found at

We strongly urge our society members to support this RPAC sign-on process. We also encourage the individual members of your societies to get behind this process and let USCIS and your local representatives know that you object to this unsupportable, exorbitant charge for access to value genealogical documentation.  

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