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Feature Articles
In “What is a Special Library Collection? Military & History Collections in the United States,” Mary J. Manning, BFA, MSBVE, MLS, explains what you can find in these types of collections and why to add them to your toolkit.

“Building Context and Making Connections: Using JSTOR for Genealogy” by D. Joshua Taylor, MA, MLS, shows how using journals can help to tell the story of our ancestors and how to use JSTOR by searching topics and locations.

Joseph F. Martin tells how he discovered his grandfather, who didn’t want to be found, using DNA and traditional genealogy in “The Invisible Man: Francis Wesley Williams.”

In her article, “Researching a “Burned County,” Melissa Barker shares tips and techniques to locate records and information you may have thought were lost.

Want to start an indexing project? Banai Lynn Feldstein shares how Crowd Sourced Indexing can help in  “CSI: Indexing for Societies Made Easier.”

FGS 2019 Awards 

Highlights of FGS 2019

And that’s not all.
3….President’s Message: “Volunteering: A Different Perspective” by Faye Stallings, CG

5….Editor’s Message: “New Horizons” by Julie Cahill Tarr

42…Spotlight on Member Projects: “Writing Group, German Genealogy & More” by Cari A. Taplin, CG

45…Ethics & Standards: “Boots on the Ground” by Judy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL

48…Next Generation: “Coping with Impostor Syndrome” by Shannon Combs-Bennett

51…Records Preservation & Access: “NY Adoptees, Holocaust Records & More” by Linda McCleary, MLS

51…Forensic Genealogy: “Forensic Genealogy, Clients & a Forensic Genealogy Business” by Helen Haldeman Daglas


68…Before You Go . . .

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