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Arlington Genealogical Society

Organized: 1970

Incorporated: 1971

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Member Benefits
Some of the benefits of being an AGS member: Membership makes you an active partner in the society's non-profit charitable purpose. Membership approved expenditures over the past 47 years for educational resources and genealogy reference media total near $70,000. AGS educational programs guide us toward realizing better skills in the study of our family history. Members interact with members for new ideas and approaches. Your local genealogy society is a well spring of knowledge and experience. Through AGS membership one can achieve fulfillment by sharing personal experience and knowledge, while forming meaningful friendships with fellow society members and citizens. Through genealogy we come to understand who we are and, often, who we are not. We connect with both the living generations and with those whose lives were lived in the past and, to the extent that the past is the predictor of the future, we connect with times and people yet to come.

AGS meets on the Second Tuesday Monthly at 6:30 pm September through June. The meeting place is 100 S. Center St. Arlington, TX in the new downtown George W. Hawkes Arlington Public Library in the [re]Brary meeting rooms on the ground floor.


Monthly Newsletter published September thru June