RPAC State Liaisons

In each state there is, or will be, a liaison. This is an individual responsible for maintaining communication between the Records Access and Preservation Committee and the statewide genealogical/historical community. Communication focuses on matters concerning the preservation of and access to national, state and local historical records of genealogical and historical interest.

Records Access and Preservation Committee Liaisons are appointed from within the state genealogical/historical community by the state’s genealogical umbrella organization or state genealogical society where such exists, or by agreement of local genealogical/historical societies where there is no single umbrella or statewide organization. In such cases, the Records Access and Preservation Committee requests a suitable individual or organization to take the lead in seeking the appointment. 

  • Serve as primary communications link between the genealogical/historical community of the state and the Records Access and Preservation Committee.
    • Transmit information to the Committee about records access and preservation activities within the state, including both problems (issues) and successes.
    • Transmit information from the Committee with respect to national and regional records access and preservation activities to the state genealogical/historical community.
  • Provide information in a timely manner regarding state and local issues to the Records Access and Preservation Committee Chair, Jan Alpert.
  • Organize and/or promote coordinated action to respond to issues with respect to records access and preservation matters.

In carrying out these responsibilities, the appointed liaison may, and should, involve as many other persons within the state genealogical/historical community as s/he deems appropriate. It is not intended that the liaison do all the work alone.


Alabama – Elizabeth C. Wells

Alaska – Connie Bradbury

Arizona – Linda McCleary

Arkansas – Jan Davenport

California – Wendy Elliott

Colorado – David Coward

Connecticut – Robert L. Rafford

Delaware – Donn Devine

District of Columbia — vacant

Florida John Laurent

Georgia – Elizabeth Olson

Hawaii – vacant

Idaho – vacant

Illinois Allen Nemec

Indiana – Curt B. Witcher

Iowa – vacant

Kansas – Max Kautsch

Kentucky – vacant

Louisiana – Cynthia Hofmeister

Maine – Helen Shaw

Maryland – vacant

Massachusetts – Barbara Mathews

Michigan – Derek Blount

MinnesotaNancy A. Blume

Mississippi – vacant

Missouri – Nancy Waller Thomas

Montana – Terry Atwood

Nebraska – vacant

Nevada Bernice Schroer

New HampshireAlex Auty

New Jersey – Joan M. Lowry

New Mexico – vacant

New York – vacant

New York CityD. Joshua Taylor

North Carolina – Brenda J. Williams

North Dakota – vacant

Ohio – Derek Davey

Oklahoma Billie Fogarty

Oregon Janice M. Sellers

Pennsylvania – James M. Beidler

Rhode Island – vacant

South Carolina – John J. Andrews, Jr.

South Dakota – vacant

Tennessee – Gail Braddock

Texas – Teri E. Flack

UtahLinda Gulbrandsen

Vermont – John A. Leppman

Virginia – Barbara Vines Little

Washington Virginia Majewski

West Virginia – vacant

Wisconsin – Pam Anderson

Wyoming – vacant