Be an Effective FGS Delegate

FGS Delegate is an important job! The delegate is the conduit through which FGS and your society communicate. It is through the delegate that the society can benefit the most from FGS.

Why does your society need a delegate?

Delegates act as the main voice between FGS and your home society. Your society’s FGS delegate will bring news from FGS (conference news, RPAC issues, webinars, and so on) to your home society’s general membership as appropriate. FGS news and announcements can be made at your general meeting, in your newsletter, as a part of your website or blog, or in your society’s email blasts. Likewise, the delegate is tasked with keeping FGS up-to-date on your home society’s activities, announcements, meeting information and so on by sharing your society’s newsletter with (we comb through these to share society announcements in the FORUM magazine), and submitting your events to the Society Events calendar. Every FGS member society has one vote in FGS annual elections, any business matters (i.e. bylaws changes), and on motions in the annual business meeting. The delegate is the voting member of your society.

Delegate Job Description

To sum it up, a delegate’s job includes the following:

  • Attend the FGS delegate or member leadership event at the annual FGS conference.
  • Vote in all FGS elections, on business matters, and motions at the annual business meeting held at the FGS conference each year.
  • Ensure the society's online account and “Find a Society” profile are current. When changes are needed, advise the person designated as the main contact on the membership account to make the changes.
  • Submit your society’s activities to the Society Events calendar.
  • Disseminate information about FGS Conferences to your home society.
  • Read the FGS FORUM magazine for tips, ideas, news, and other information and encourage your board members to read the magazine by sharing what you’ve read.
  • Provide information on member discounts (when available) to your society members (see the members-only section of the website for special discount codes and information).
  • If your society has a seminar or special annual event, request 10 free FORUM subscriptions per year to be used as door prizes.
  • Watch FGS leader webinars on topics of society management with your board or appropriate leadership for your society, or encourage those board members to log into their own accounts to watch.
  • Submit your society’s newsletter, bylaws, or website for a review and suggestions.
  • Nominate members of your society for FGS awards to be recognized for their hard work.

If you have any questions regarding delegate duties or your membership, please don’t hesitate to email us at