Among the benefits offered to FGS member societies are a series of reviews. Members of the FGS Reviews Committee will be happy to examine your society's bylaws, newsletter, and website to offer guidance and ideas to help your society succeed.

Turn around time for review requests is dependent on the number of requests in the system and the number of available reviewers. We will let you know the target date for completion of your review as soon as possible after receipt of your request. Please feel free to contact us at if you have questions about an outstanding review or preliminary questions prior to submitting an item for review.


Revising Your Bylaws?

Whether your organization is working to revise its bylaws or simply has a question on specific elements of your bylaws, FGS is committed to providing your organization with the tools to ensure its continued success.

As a benefit of FGS membership, the committee will review your organization's bylaws as frequently as you desire, and will be available to answer any questions you might have after a review is completed.

The Reviews Committee completes two types of bylaws reviews:

  1. Complete Review: Most often completed in preparation of an organization's revision of their bylaws. A member of the committee will review and comment on your organization's bylaws, suggest possible revisions, and provide other insights to assist in your revisions.)
  2. Sectional Review: A member of the committee will review a specific section of your bylaws, provide comments and suggestions and answer any specific questions you might have.

Submit your bylaws to the FGS Reviews Committee by e-mail to, attached as a PDF, RTF, DOC, or DOCx file. Please indicate the type of review you desire and enumerate any specific questions you have.

Please Note: The focus of this review is to raise potential issues and suggest possible approaches to resolving them as a service to our members. FGS reviewers, although experienced in the operation of genealogical societies, will normally not be an attorney and our suggestions should not be considered to be legal advice. No attempt will be made to assure compliance with the legal requirements for a particular jurisdiction, for which the advice of a qualified attorney should be sought.


Need a Newsletter Makeover?

The Reviews Committee completes two types of newsletter reviews:

  1. Content Review: An organization can submit a newsletter and request a complete review or may ask a specific question(s). The complete review will include suggestions concerning design elements and format, clarity, and content.
  2. Conversion to Electronic Newsletter: If your organization wants to "go green" and produce an electronic newsletter, suggestions will be provided including type of format and/or how to create a quality newsletter using PDF software.

Please submit at least two consecutive newsletters to the FGS Newsletter Review Committee by email to, attached as a PDF, DOC, or DOCx file. Other formats may be available, but please inquire first before sending. Please indicate the type of review you desire and enumerate any specific questions you have.


Need to Improve Your Web Presence?

Your website might be the first encounter a potential member has with your society. It is the hub of information and benefits for your current members and the genealogy community as a whole. Let our team thoroughly analyze your society's website and give you feedback to make your website the best it can be.

The FGS Reviews Committee will complete a review of your society's website. Your society can request a review of one, several, or all areas of your society's site. The review will not provide detailed guidance for the redesign and programming of your site. Rather, the committee will make suggestions for changes in design, layout, format, font use and contrast, ease of navigation and use, effective use of graphics, and inclusion of content.

Your society will still need to work with your webmaster or with a design consulting company to devise and implement changes to the actual website. However, we believe the website review will be helpful in highlighting areas of focus. Your review will also include a helpful list of online image and design resources available.

Submit your website URL to the FGS Reviews Committee by e-mail to Please provide the following information so we may be better able to assist you:

  • Indicate whether you desire a review of specific areas or your complete website;
  • Enumerate any specific questions you have about specific areas; and
  • If your society's website has a members-only area, and you would like that area to be reviewed, please provide an ID and password for access when you submit your request.