Focus on Societies Audio Recordings

Audio recordings from lectures presented on Focus on Societies Day at the FGS 2014 Conference have been made available to FGS member societies by some speakers. Lectures from other conferences may be added in the future.

FGS 2014 Conference

Plenary Session Plus Workshop: Strong Business Strategy

Presented by Ed Donakey and David Rencher, AG, CG, FUGA, FIGRS

Run your society as successfully as a business. For all society delegates, members-at-large, and other interested parties.

Electronic Publishing Fundamentals for Society Leaders

Presented by Jordan Jones

Your society may publish books, journals, and newsletters on paper, as PDFs, or in e-book format. Whether your society already publishes electronically, or you?re only considering it, learn ways to do it successfully.

Effective Advocacy

Presented by Teri Flack

Records are the lifeblood of genealogical research; however, their preservation and access continues to be threatened. Advocacy by the genealogical community, and your society in particular, can help mitigate the threats, but only if we act effectively.

Volunteering from a Distance

Presented by Paula Stuart-Warren, CG

Is your society ignoring great volunteers? How many society tasks and board or committee posts could be handled by a member in another state? Learn many ways to utilize these members of all ages and interact with them. Come prepared for discussion.

The Dotted Line: Sign Before Other Steps

Presented by Paula Stuart-Warren, CG

Handshake? Text message? Email? Available on__? Does this protect organizations, speakers, or researchers? Nope. No way. No how. Details need to be clear and agreed to by all parties. Leave this session prepared for the next event.

Creating a Community Indexing Project

Presented by Thomas MacEntee

Learn the available options for taking a set of genealogy records, creating an index, and sharing it with the genealogy community.

Virtual Presentations for Genealogy Societies

Presented by Thomas MacEntee

Learn how you can expand your genealogy speaking opportunities to include virtual presentations from the comfort of your home or office.

It Sometimes Takes Two: Partnering with Other Societies or Organizations

Presented by Sandra J. Crowley

Learn how your society or organization can identify potential projects and organizations to partner with to help you both achieve your goals.

FGS Supports Member Societies

Presented by Ed Donakey (Sponsored by Dell)

Learn how FGS supports societies and individuals by cooperating with for-profit and non-profit organizations to deliver tools and services for genealogists.

Innovative Programs: The How-To

Presented by Cindy Foreman

Society programs can become stale and repetitive. Identifying topics and finding speakers can be challenging. Come learn a system that will help you develop fresh, interesting resources and programs.

Is WordPress Right For My Society?

Presented by Randy Whited

It's not just for blogs anymore. The popular Content Management System (CMS), WordPress, powers about 20 percent of all websites. Learn more about the basics and extended capabilities of this tool and decide if it is right for you and your organization.

Embracing Technology: Tools You Can Use Today to Move Your Society Into Virtual Space

Presented by Jen Baldwin and D. Joshua Taylor, MA, MLS

Learn about a variety of tools available to create a more efficient and organized collaborative online presence for your society.

Preparing for Change: Transition Planning and Your Society

Presented by D. Joshua Taylor, MA, MLS

As new officers and committee members come into your society, it is essential that information is easily passed from one to the other. Learn ideas for planning transitions within your society (both the expected and unexpected).

Strategic Planning for Society Leaders

Presented by Jordan Jones

The National Genealogical Society recently completed a strategic planning process. Come hear the President of NGS discuss strategic planning and how your society might benefit from it.