FGS Membership Dues Renewals Emailed This Week


The Federation of Genealogical Societies emailed its members this week to request dues renewals for 2011. The email was different this year in that it did not include a document requesting updates to our members’ information. Instead, we provided a link to a PDF file for the renewal. We are actively inviting our members to send us the most current information about their societies. We will, in turn, update our membership database.

In addition, the information about your organization’s address, primary contract address, and website address, will be updated in your Society Hall listing. (Your updates, too, will now update the FGS Membership Database.)

It is imperative that you update your Society Hall listing and/or email FGS at membership@fgs.org so that we have the best possible email contact information for you. We will also update the FGS FORUM database so that we can alert you when a new issue of the magazine is available and alert you to member services benefits.

Please send an email to membership@fgs.org if your primary contact person or your society delegate did not receive a membership renewal notice earlier this week. We’ll re-send that to you.

You are very important to us! The Federation of Genealogical Societies is a very proactive organization, active in education, publications, preservation and access, and two-way electronic communications. We need your help too!

The FGS membership year runs from January 1st to December 31st. You don’t want to miss out on existing benefits and the new benefits we have planned for 2011. Please get your annual FGS membership dues to FGS by December 31st. I can send you the FGS Membership Form if you would like to join. Please simply email me at membership@fgs.org.

Together we can make a difference!

George G. Morgan
Vice President of Membership Services
Federation of Genealogical Societies

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