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Three weeks ago FGS Ambassadors were asked to tell us and their readers what they think of when they hear the FGS 2015 conference theme “Connect.Explore.Refresh.” We’ve compiled a list of their responses along with their other posts about the conference below and also added three more Ambassadors to the team.

Each month we’ll select one post to feature here on the FGS Voice. This month’s feature is from Linda Stufflebean at Empty Branches on the Family Tree


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FGS 2015 – February 11–14 in Salt Lake City

I am looking forward to attending the Federation of Genealogical Societies conference February 11-14 in Salt Lake City. It so happens that several of my recent blog posts focused on often overlooked resources and one of them was the treasure trove to be found through genealogical societies. Through the years, these societies have nurtured those newly interested in family history and enabled them to grow into seasoned researchers. Societies have also amassed huge amounts of localized genealogical information through the volunteer efforts of their members. Today, they continue to  promote education and camaraderie among family researchers and to help communities preserve their histories.
The memberships I held in genealogy societies during my first years of research were invaluable. I learned so much and always left meetings chomping at the bit, wanting  to follow up on new ideas. Fast forward 35 years – They have continued to teach and motivate me as my areas of interest grew and expanded. FGS 2015 is an opportunity to connect with new genealogy friends affiliated with societies from around the country and even worldwide. There is literally a society out there for just about any genealogical focus you might have.
There is a brand new aspect to the 2015 FGS conference, which I think is fabulous. FGS is partnering with RootsTech to share space, speakers and activities at the Salt Palace Convention Center. However, each organization will also host independent sessions and activities.  For only $39, I upgraded my registration to full access to sessions with both organizations. I couldn’t pass up the chance to explore double the number of sessions  without having to attend two separate events in two different locations at twice the price. What a cost savings and great value for keeping my genealogical skills current with the times.
Last, but certainly not least, every genealogist who visits Salt Lake City always wishes for time in the FamilySearch Library. After taking in all the new information gleaned in the conference sessions, I plan to refresh my family research focus with a visit to the library, which is just a short walk from the Salt Palace. (My “please, let me find them” list is already growing.)
Connect.Explore.Refresh – I can’t wait for February to get here! If you can attend just one genealogical event this year, this conference is a great choice.
New Ambassadors:
Three more folks have joined the FGS Ambassadors since the original list was published October 9. Welcome Laurie, Tiffiny, and Richard.
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