Federation of Genealogical Societies

FGS Awards Categories

The Federation of Genealogical Societies presents awards to its member societies or individuals that belong to a member society. FGS also presents some awards to other organizations and individuals to recognize their contributions to family history.The presentations of the awards serve multiple purposes:
  • To recognize the society or individual that has made a significant contribution benefiting the genealogical community.
  • To thank the society or individual for the time and effort they have given.
  • To Illustrate and serve as examples of the types of projects and activities which are being done.
Nominations for awards may be submitted at any time during the year by individuals or organizations. Some awards are announced in the FGS FORUM. Some are announced during the annual FGS Conference.
Click here to search the FGS Award Recipients database which includes recipients from 1981 through 2015.
  • Certificate of Appreciation. A certificate presented to an individual or organization expressing thanks for work performed for FGS in an outstanding manner. Several can be given each year. (Established July 1983.)
  • Award of Merit. A certificate presented in recognition of meritorious service or distinguished work in genealogy and family history. Several can be given each year to individuals or organizations. (Established July 1983.)
  • Presidential Citation. A certificate presented to an individual or organization whose contributions or service to FGS or the genealogical community are singled out for recognition by the FGS President. (Established July 1993.)
  • Delegate Award. A certificate presented to a current Delegate of a member society in recognition of exemplary service to FGS as a member of an FGS standing committee or as an active participant in an FGS project. Generally, but not necessarily, given once each year. (Established February 1993.)
  • Distinguished Service Award. A certificate presented to an individual or an organization, in recognition of exemplary and outstanding service to FGS or to a member society. The organization must be a member of FGS, and the individual must be a member of an FGS member society. More than one such award could be given each year. (Established July 1983.)
  • Director's Award. A plaque presented in recognition of both exceptional contributions to the field of genealogy and family history, and extra-mile efforts to promote good will and improve services. It is generally presented to an individual or non-member organization, but all organizations are eligible. (Established September 1984.)
  • George E. Williams Award. A plaque presented to an individual in recognition of outstanding contributions within a single year to either FGS, a member organization, or both. Given generally, but not necessarily, once each year. (Established October 1981.)
  • David S. Vogels, Jr. Award. A plaque presented to an individual in recognition of outstanding career contributions to FGS. Generally, but not necessarily, given once each year. (Established 9 March 1990.)
  • Rabbi Malcolm H. Stern Humanitarian Award. A plaque presented to recognize the lifetime contributions of a rare individual whose positive personal influence and example have fostered unity in the genealogical community, provided leadership to its individual members, and helped make family history a vital force in the community at large. (Established January 1994.)
  • Outstanding Society Technology Award. This certificate recognized a tech-savvy FGS member society for its website, online presence, social networking, blog, or specific technology related project that provides examples and ideas from which other societies can benefit. (Established April 2014)
  • Technology Advances Award.  This certificate honors an innovative product that enhances the genealogy experience, genealogy community, or records preservation. This may be presented to an organization, business, or individual. (Established April 2014)
  • Repository of the Year Award. A plaque that recognizes a library, archive, historical society, museum, academic institution, or other repository for its exceptional impact and contribution to the genealogy community, preservation of records, access to records, technology advances, or other services to family history.
Note: Not all awards are presented each year. Some are presented throughout the calendar year and for 2016, several will be awarded at the FGS Conference in Springfield, Illinois. Nominations may be made at any time. but to be considered for the conference in August 2016, the nominations must be received by 15 July 2016.