Federation of Genealogical Societies

FGS Speaker Compensation Policy

Compensation Philosophy:

The speaker compensation package and policies regarding fair compensation are defined as follows:

  • Honorarium for each lecture presented
  • Travel expenses to and from the conference
  • Accommodation at the conference hotel
  • Meal allowance
  • Registration for the conference

In return, speakers are expected to provide:

  • A quality presentation within time constraints
  • High quality visuals
  • High quality camera-ready syllabus material by stated deadline
  • Required conference planning materials on or before deadlines
  • Assistance in promoting the conference

The speaker compensation package will be reviewed, as needed, by the FGS Board of Directors and the conference planning committee. Each FGS Conference program chairperson is to work with the national conference chair to see that the compensation package is fairly administered.

Speakers giving presentations during FGS conferences for sponsoring or partner organizations or for meal functions are compensated by that organization and are not the responsibility of the Federation of Genealogical Societies.

Compensation Details:


Speakers will be paid $100 per lecture unit with a $50 bonus per lecture if syllabus material is submitted by the deadline given in the invitation to speak. A lecture unit is a 50-minute to 1-hour presentation. If a speaker presentation is more than one unit, or any portion thereof, the speaker will be paid the portion in addition. (e.g. a one and one-half hour presentation would be compensated $225). A panel discussion of more than two presenters will pay $50 for each participant, regardless of the number of participants on the panel. Joint presentations other than the panel format will divide the unit honorarium rate.


Speakers traveling within North America will make their own travel reservations, and will be asked to return a form to FGS indicating their mode of transportation and departure city.

  • For those choosing to fly:

    FGS will calculate the lowest airfare from the speaker's legal residence to the airport nearest the conference site using an online website.* An email will then be sent informing the speaker of the FGS airfare reimbursement.

    If speakers provide a copy of their booked air travel receipt at least one month before the date the conference opens, FGS will pay the expense of (1) checked bag in each direction based on prevailing rates of major airlines. This is in addition to payment of the lowest of the actual airfare or the reimbursement allowance calculated by FGS.

    Speakers may request reimbursement of the airfare prior to the conference by submitting a receipt for booked air travel no later than the date commmunicated to the speaker by the conference chairperson(s). Payment of eligible baggage fees will not be paid in advance. Rather, that payment will be made in conjunction with the speaker's check issued at the conference 

    (* For calculation purposes, all travel will be calculated with no more than one plane change. Calculated travel will not commence before 6am nor end later than 11pm if possible.)
  • For those choosing to drive:

    FGS will calculate the one-way mileage from the speaker's legal residence to the conference site using an online website. Mileage will be reimbursed at the current IRS mileage rate. The amount paid will not exceed the lowest airfare available to and from the same locations.
  • For those choosing rail or bus transportation:

    FGS will consider the cost on an individual basis. FGS will advise the speaker of the reimbursement. The amount paid will not exceed the lowest airfare available to and from the same locations.

International speaker travel will be considered on an individual basis based on their travel plans. Ordinarily, the entire airfare will not be paid by the conference. International speakers will be expected to use other opportunities to speak in the U.S. to share their travel expenses.

Travel Expense Stipend:

All speakers, including local speakers, will receive $50 for travel expenses to offset transportation to and from the airport and/or conference site and parking costs. No additional costs will be covered for any speaker.


To receive hotel compensation, speakers will be expected to stay at the conference hotel. Speakers will be compensated at the rate of the number of lectures plus one night, not to exceed a total of five nights. Speakers who choose to share rooms may use the combination of their room allowance to their advantage. FGS will pay for a single occupancy rate. In instances where the double occupancy rate is higher, the speakers sharing the room will be expected to pay the added costs.

Speakers who choose not to stay in the conference hotel will not be paid any room allowance. Local speakers will not be given room nights as part of their compensation package.

Meal Allowance:

Speakers will be paid $30 for each lecture. Shared lectures or panel presentations will be counted as one lecture and each participant will be paid the $30.


Speakers will be given a complimentary registration for the conference.


FGS will not pay for the following:

  • Car rental expenses
  • Expenses charged to the hotel room
  • Local parking fees
  • Ground transportation to and from the airport


The Conference Planning Committee will review the speaker compensation policy periodically.

Last Revised: August 2012