FGS is pleased to announce the 2019 conference speakers for the James Dent Walker Memorial Lecture and the Chuck Knuthson Memorial Lecture. Janice Lovelace, PhD will present the Walker Lecture and Karen Auman, PhD, CG will present the Knuthson Lecture.

The James Dent Walker Memorial Lecture

The James Dent Walker Memorial Lecture honors the late Jimmie Walker, one of the most popular and respected lecturers and archivists in the field of family history. His thirty-year career included participation in the annual Institute of Genealogical Research (now known as the Genealogical Institute on Federal Records) and supervision of the Military Service Records Section at the National Archives. He conducted pioneering research on minorities in the American Revolution and helped thousands of genealogists during his career.

This year Janice Lovelace, PhD, will be presenting “Fighting for Freedom—the Black Experience in the U.S. Revolutionary War.” A poignant fact of history that many are unaware of is that many thousands of enslaved and free blacks fought as valiantly for the pursuit of liberty and the establishment of democracy as any other revolutionary war fighters. This lecture will revisit this very important piece of our American history.

W-125: Wednesday, 4:00 p.m.

Fighting for Freedom – the Black Experience in the U.S. Revolutionary War

Janice Lovelace, PhD

Ms. Lovelace shared her thoughts, “I am honored to be giving the James Dent Walker memorial lecture at FGS in 2019. Mr. Walker was an outstanding genealogist and a leader in assisting others in pursuing African American genealogy. Using skills he learned as an archivist at the National Archives, he helped generations of genealogists value research and understand the importance of documentation.”

Janice Lovelace
Janice Lovelace, PhD

The Chuck Knuthson Memorial Lecture

Chuck Knuthson served the FGS Board of Trustees as a member, Vice-President of Administration, and Treasurer. He was a friend to everyone he met in the genealogical community. A police captain by profession, Chuck also was a professional genealogist who served for more than thirty years. After a courageous three-year battle with cancer, Chuck passed away in 2008. In honoring him, FGS recognizes Chuck’s genealogical interests in German research and involving young people in family history.

This year Karen Auman will be presenting “Germans in Colonial America:  Pennsylvania and the U.S. South.” She will cover the variety of German-speaking groups who came to Colonial America, their family, religious and social customs, as well as migration patterns. If you want to understand your German ancestors' place in early Colonial America, this lecture will help you in gaining that understanding.

F-351: Friday, August 23, 4:00 p.m.

Germans in Colonial America: Pennsylvania and the U.S. South

Karen Auman, PhD, CG

Ms. Auman shared her thoughts: “It’s an honor for me to be selected to give the Chuck Knuthson Memorial Lecture at the 2019 FGS Conference in Washington, DC.  Although I never met Chuck, I certainly knew of him and his public service. His love of genealogy and dedication to giving back to the community left a legacy of thousands who were taught and served by him.”

Karen Auman
Karen Auman, PhD, CG