Become an Exhibitor at FGS Virtual Conference 2020

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What Does it Mean to Become an Exhibitor?

We have partnered with PlaybackNow, our virtual conference host, and Ez-Xpo for the FGS Virtual Expo Hall. Below is some information to help you to understand what a Virtual Booth does.

We plan to have the virtual expo hall begin starting on 15 September 2020 when we open up access to our On-Demand lectures. We will keep the virtual expo hall open for at least 30 days so that attendees may visit whenever they choose to stream their sessions. We will encourage all of our conference participants to visit the expo hall whenever they log-in to stream their content.

What is the Virtual Expo Hall

A virtual expo hall may be new to many of you. In essence, it is a website where registrants can find a clickable "tile" that will take them to your virtual booth space. You can load your booth—or we can enlist Playback Now's assistance to help load your booth—with

  • your logo
  • a description of your company
  • a place to post a video or graphic in your booth
  • a variety of content such as PDF files, clickable web links, FaceBook and other social media links, and a place to link your appointment calendar (e.g. Calendly).

Key Tips for Setting Up Your Booth

  1. You'll start with selecting or uploading a booth theme. You can choose a pre-populated theme or upload your own 1160 x 780-pixel image.
  2. Here are a couple of videos to show you how to set up your booth:
  3. Also, we’ve put a series of documents with screenshots on some key steps you can take here:
  4. If you would like to staff your booth at certain times, you can do so. Staffing the booth means being available to participate with visitors via online text or video chat. The software has both of those functions built right into your booth.
    • To announce when you’ll be staffing the booth you may want to create a graphic to place in the “video” screen in the center of your booth announcing the date/time that you will have someone staffing the virtual booth. The graphic has a maximum size of 260 X 164-pixels.
    • You can also announce your staffing time using the "Announcements" tab when you are managing your virtual booth.

You should consider including content on how to access any products you may have for sale, special conference discounts you are promoting, and any other content that will help conference participants learn more about what you have to offer.

This is just to give you an idea of what your virtual booth may be like. If you have any additional questions, please contact Mark Olsen at Also, you may visit Playback Now’s FAQ page at